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Purr Park3

Going out of town? Bring your cat to ULD for their boarding stay and they'll have as much fun on their vacation as you do on yours!

Your cat will enjoy the “purrks” of Purr Park which include staying in a spacious Cat Condo, individual playtime at Purr Park which includes cat trees, TV playing “Cat Stimulation videos”, and a room full of murals that will for sure keep your cat healthy and happy. 

Our staff evaluates all cats prior to any overnight reservations. Cat Boarding is available for a limited number of cats. Please call in advance to make a reservation or for more information, please contact

Purr Rates1 Cat - $25 per night
2 Cats - $40 per night ($15 for 2nd cat)
3 Cats - $50 per night ($10 for 3rd cat)

Cats from same family must be able to share cat condo.

A night stay includes One 1-hour outing in Purr Park.
Additional outings are $5/an hour.

Cat Vaccines

Rabies and FVRCCP

Cat Info

Please do not feed cats at least 4 hours prior to boarding to
avoid upset stomach.

If we find ringworm, ear mites, or fleas they will be
bathed/treated at owner's expense.

Spayed/Neutered after 6 months of age unless
approved by Management.

Cat Services

Nail Trim $10
Furminator $15